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Workshops at the  EALAS Congress  


Rome, Italy from November 22nd  to November 24th 2023.

We are are able to offer two of hands-on sessions, guided by experienced tutors from the University in Rome and from the pool of surgeons from EALAS. This is an unique opportunity to learn or refine surgical techniques. The number of participants is limited so be quick to register. Please note, these are early bird prices if booked before 22. September. 

1. Session, Dry lab Rodents

Date: 22. November, 0930-1230h

Price: €390 plus 7%VAT

During this workshop, we will learn the principles of basic microsurgery. This will include the overview of microscope setting, the description of basic instrumentation and the principles of basic microsurgical procedures.

The first part of the workshop will be a short lecture on the basics of microsurgery. Then the participants will perform 5 procedures on latex models through directed exercises. We will first show a video of the procedure to be performed; the participants will then perform each exercise.

  • Performing simple interrupted sutures on a latex glove (8-0 Vicryl)

  • Incision in a latex glove and closing the incision using simple interrupted sutures

  • Incision in a latex glove and closing the incision using a simple continuous pattern

  • Incision in a latex glove and closing the incision using a ford interlocking pattern

  • Performing a purse string suture after the insertion of a catheter through a stab incision; then realizing a Chinese finger trap around the catheter.


2. Session, Wet lab Rodents

Date: 22. November, 1400 - 1730h

Price: €480 plus 7%VAT


Microsurgical Techniques, Intubation and Vascular Catheterization in the Rat

This lab will provide training on intubation and vascular catheterization in rodents in a unique and state of the art facility with talented instructors. In addition to sharing surgical tips and tricks for success, our instructors will also review updates to surgical and anesthetic processes, aseptic techniques, surgical instruments, and post-operative recommendations for achieving long-term patency in catheterized rodents.

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