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Our next webinars:
In collaboration with the Academy of Surgical Research we can offer the following webinars

Available "on-demand" now.

Preparation for the Academy of Surgical Research’s Certification Exams
TUES, SEP 12, 2023

Lisa Johnson, BA, SRS, LATg, Veterinary Surgeon, Charles River Laboratories

The Use of Vascular Access Buttons in Rabbits for PK/TK Studies
THU, OCT 19, 2023

Jon Ehrmann, BS, SRS, SRA, LATg, Senior Science & Technology Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb

Successful Modification  Device for Vascular Access in Minipigs (Vascular Access Button)
THU, NOV 16, 2023

Adrian Zeltner, SRT, Owner AZE Consulting

Indwelling Portal Vascular Access Ports: Application, Advantages, and Management
THU, DEC 7, 2023

Melanie Graham, MPH, PhD, Professor and Goodale Chair in Minimally Invasive Surgery
University of Minnesota

Available "on-demand" now.

Available "on-demand" now.

Available "on-demand" now.

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